bloofactory Success Stories

30% more attractive products with an intelligent feedback process

Product Management

General Overview

  • Time reduction of processing and product adaptation acceptance from several months to a few weeks
  • Parallel processing of product modifications from different sources instead of manual, sequential email-based processing of product enhancements.
  • Error reduction of over 30% for every hundred requests for new products is the result of the product improvements integrated with a few procedures.
  • Using the platform on desktop and mobile devices.


As a manufacturer of premium cars, we are continuously working to improve and develop our own products. As a global manufacturer, we also place a high priority on managing the procedures that enable this ongoing product development. Up until now, requirements and modifications from many different countries were entered by email, followed up on, and kept in Excel lists. Tracking hundreds of transactions needed dozens of staff due to the time-consuming and heavily manual processing.

Therefore, it was only possible to implement product updates and improvements after a wait of 1-2 years, and quick adjustments could only be accomplished through a manual parallel method. A quick adaptation of the products was not possible because there were just a few models and series. As a result, no products were achievable.


Based on the bloofactory process, a completely new process established on Microsoft 365 was built within one month. Using specialized process consultants and UX designers, a web-based solution constructed on Microsoft 365 services was designed and developed within 3 months.

During the development process, the company was able to test parts of the solution and continuously implement changes. Product changes and product improvements are directly controlled by the markets through a specialized ticket system. All parties involved can track and process live online correspondence checks, corrections, and processing of requirements and improvements using the familiar Word, Excel, and PowerPoint tools.

A product adaptation can be edited by several people at the same time within a day and directly coordinated and finalized in Microsoft Teams sessions. The integrated task management enables complete tracking of the activities and secures the cooperation of several teams—product managers, engineers in the market, etc.—with deadlines and automated reminders. The integrated archiving system permanently stores the coordinated requirements and fulfills all necessary and legally required compliance and documentation regulations.


The sync of product adaptations has decreased from several months to a few weeks. At the same time, the parallel processing of product changes with the same team was increased 10 times, and the goals set by the management have been met.


The established product management processing time has already been significantly reduced. The company is already working on the continuous development of the solution by adding more functions. Based on the bloolafactory process using the standard Microsoft 365 platform, new functions can be implemented and rolled out within a few days or weeks.

Used Technologies

  • Power Automate

  • SharePoint

  • Teams

  • bloola factory framework