bloofactory Success Stories

60% fewer calls + happier customers + more sales

Sales Support Chat
Sales Support Chat

General Overview

  • Reduction of yearly phone calls from 20.000 to 8.000 means by 60%

  • Reduction of the solution time for inquiries from days to less than 24 hours - i.e. overnight

  • Increasing of the work efficiency by 50%

  • Reduction of the error rate from 5% to less than 1%


The partner support staff handles 20,000 support calls per year to process contract changes, SIM card exchanges, and many more. The processing takes several days on average, as cases are handled by email between various specialist departments and exceed daily limits. 

The clients expects to reduce the time to solve requests in less then a few days - best case in one day over night.


Based on the bloofactory process, a completely new process established on Microsoft 365 was built within three month. Using specialized process consultants and UX designers, a web-based solution constructed on Microsoft 365 services was designed and developed within 3 months. 

During the development process, the company was able to test parts of the solution and continuously implement changes.

A case based process came in place which feels like a life chat interaction.  All requests from clients were led into a chat approach and managed in cases. A case can be handled by several people and departments at the same time within a day and directly coordinated and finalised in Microsoft Teams sessions. The integrated case management enables complete tracking of the activities and secures the cooperation of several teams — product managers, supporters, etc. The integrated archiving system permanently stores the solved cases and fulfills all necessary and legally required compliance and documentation regulations.


The sync of requests has decreased from several days to 24 hours and mostly over night. At the same time, the parallel processing of tasks with the same team was increased 5 times, and the goals set by the management have been met. The amount of time consuming and hard to track phone calls were reduced by 12.000 means 60%!


With the implemented case management and chat possibilities, the processing has already been significantly reduced. The company is already working on a continuous development of the solution for necessary services such as agreement adjustments, utility bills, necessary service requests and other topics. Based on the bloola factory process with the standard Microsoft 365 platform, new functions can be implemented and rolled out within a few days and weeks.

Used Technologies

  • Power Automate

  • SharePoint

  • Teams

  • bloola factory framework