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Videos are king: Why companies should rely on explainer videos

Lars-Thorsten Sudmann
Mar 9, 2020 5:45:00 PM

Videos are king: Why companies should rely on explainer videos.

Every company wishes to convey a particular image of itself. It needs the attention of potential customers for this. Only information that catches the attention of its target audience can achieve this aim. In times of digital information overload, this challenge will only be met if relevant content is conveyed quickly and accurately, as the next distraction is right around the corner.

Usually, internet users do not bother to read long texts. With good reason, companies choose emotive images in their digital communications to capture prospects. But what should be done if the service of the provider requires explanation, and cannot be reduced to a single image?

20 million people watch explainer videos

The motion picture was already considered a pinnacle of media communication in the era of TV advertising. It's the same in current content marketing where content mediated through videos regularly gets the best click-through rates. The explainer video - or tutorial – has been proven to be the king of kings in this respect. Thus, in a study published in 2015, the digital professionals’ association BITKOM already identified that at least 37 per cent of Internet users over 14 years regularly view explainer videos. Two years later, the proportion of German viewers of explainer videos had already risen to 45 per cent.  

In Germany alone, that equals 20 million people, both men and women, who differ on the topics they prefer. Video tutorials about household, fashion and cosmetics are generally preferred by women, while male Internet users tend to watch tutorials about manual and technical topics.

Animated videos can be produced quickly and inexpensively

A recent study conducted by German company Boost Media GmbH showed that, at present, 90 per cent of all DAX companies uses animated videos. About 68 per cent of medium-sized companies listed on the MDAX use explainer videos, while only 54 per cent of smaller publicly traded SDAX companies use them so far. Not every company will require explainer videos. Nevertheless, these figures show that there is strong demand for medium-sized businesses to meet.

This is particularly unfortunate since nowadays, the production of animated videos is a comparatively cost-effective means of communication. Due to increasing mobile Internet use on smartphones and tablets, it is only gaining in efficacy. In the pioneering days of Internet videos, individuals or companies seeking to share their knowledge usually saw no alternative to produce their own videos. Nowadays, specialised providers readily offer their services. These expert companies can produce custom-tailored videos meeting their clients’ demands in a short time.


Three Tips for a good explainer video 

  1. Tell a story!

People love stories and their heroes. Hence, relevant content should be presented as a story. 

  1. Be brief!

Explainer videos should not last longer than one to two minutes. Otherwise, the viewers' attention diminishes before the video ends.

  1. Be professional!

Explainer videos that look like they were produced in your kitchen are a no go. Therefore, use professional production tools, or hire a content marketing agency.


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