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Is Single SignOn important for Digitisation and Data Protection?

Lars-Thorsten Sudmann
Oct 12, 2017 9:43:10 PM

Companies will use more and more cloud applications. Every user will be invited by email, get new passwords and be managed manually to get access rights.

Isn't it stupid to handle this in a manual and cost intensive way?

If this problem isn't existing in your company you are not really use the cloud. If this is normal than you will get in trouble over the time and lose control over data protection and user access. It feels like the 80s and 90s where personal computer are managed system by system and hard disk by hard disk. You will get more and more in trouble to have control over access rights and data access.

Next year the new EU GDPR (european union general data protection regulation) will become effective in may 2018. Companies who break the rules will have to pay up to 20.000.000 € fine if they haven't managed and organized the data access and right management in a organized and documented way. You have read it right: 20 Million Euros! And that's not all - managing directors and CxO's are liable with your private assets for intentional action.

To cover this scenario and challenges in cloud and local applications it is important to manage user and access rights. unoso covers this challenges with onelogin and has found a solution for our users and customers. We login through a central mechanism and manage the permissions of users inside the applications from our existing user management. We can even save money because we manage licenses of the Cloud applications and share them with users if they need them.



The logical consequence is that we enter into a partnership with onelogin and pass on our experience and knowledge to our customers. By the way, we could safely and efficiently implement the use and connection of our bloola products to the company networks, Salesforce, Office 365, Google Suite and other apps. Last but not least it is EU GDPR conform.

In addition, there is another important smart deal: All our customers get with a new bloola.intra or bloola.sales license onelogin SSO as add on. We want our customers to be efficiently and securely connected to the Internet and already today meet the most important points of the EU GDPR when using cloud applications and do not have to suffer a shipwreck.

If you want to know more, simply contact us and we will show you how fast and easy Digitisation and Cloud can work together.

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